‘ThaiThonburi’ Drives Thai Organic Products to World’s Premium Market

On 14 August 2020, Gen. Anupong Paochinda, Minister of Interior, gave opening remarks and delivered the policy to “Develop Model Areas for the Kok Nong Na Model which adheres to King Rama 9’s New Theory”. 330 participating parties included all governors, deputy governors, community development officers, and Ms.Onthicha Thamkirdsup, Managing Director at Thaithonburi Corporation Co., Ltd.

From basic agricultural produce, to forward-thinking principles in innovation and production standards at mind, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX)’s New Theory & Sufficiency Economy remains one of the main foundation in attempt to raise the quality of life of farmers and the Thai economy as a whole. The concept is proven using research and development and innovation to increase the value by a hundred folds – guaranteed by an international innovation award from the UK in 2019 amongst 400 other products from 58 competing countries.

One of the most evident and successful piece of research towards innovative excellence lies upon the Longan of Nan Province and Lingzhi Mushroom (MG2) of Thailand by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Chulalongkorn University. Over the three years of research, the faculty found that the product actively repaired acute cell inflammation across the body which, in turn prevents chronic diseases. It also contains high anti-oxidants, and helps improve your immune system. Clinical trial and actual cases were conducted for more than 6 months, all of which resulted in positive outcome and all volunteers requested continued consumption.

With such results came the product “Longan Syrup with Lingzhi Extract” under the brand “Immu Xtract” in early 2020 and is distributed by Thaithonburi Corporation Co., Ltd.. It received positive feedback from customers, especially those with body aches and joint pain. Immu Xtract is a thick syrup made from longan and ganoderma lucidum, with no sugar or additives.

“We are proud and honored to take part in driving quality Thai products to the world market. Immu Xtract, while ultimately benefiting consumers, is a success model that wouldn’t be possible without the joint effort of all sectors, and will help bring income into the country with sustainable supporting income for farmers.” says the Managing Director of Thaithonburi Corporation

Immu Xtract is currently available via an online platform focused on premium products targeting countries with high purchasing power such as China, countries in Europe, and the UAE. Due to overwhelming feedback, the product may be distributed through physical stores and leading department stores of targeted countries in the near future.

Order yours now or read more information at www.thaithonburi.com