About Us

Brand’s Inspiration

At ThaiThonburi, we meticulously pick for the finest of Thai premium products from a wide selection of goods that are certified by international standards. Our choices are supported by credible research, with proven effectiveness through clinical trials and customer testimonials.

We thoroughly inspect and audit all fundamentals and lay out a foundation for the agricultural sector, including farmers and cultivators, to follow Thailand’s EarthSafe standard — which instigates sustainable agricultural practices that are safe for people, the environment, and Mother Nature.

ThaiThonburi, together with a team of professional auditors and subject experts, follow and inspect from the very first steps of soil amendments, substance & fertilizer selection, water sourcing, to the production stage to ensure international production standards are met. Our efforts are put in with our consumers at mind, thus we can assure that we deliver to you the best of Thai premium products with pride.

Our Vision

โลโก้ ไทธนบุรี

Become the number one online platform that presents Thailand’s outstanding premium products entrusted by both Thai and international consumers

Our Mission


Become a reliable and trustworthy e-commerce platform that sells premium products of Thailand.


Curate high quality innovative agricultural products backed by reliable research to develop and produce under international standards to earn the customer’s trust.


Encourage and bring about organic agricultural practices in compliance with King Rama 9’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and further implement sustainable and effective business activities.