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Our Selected Products

  • Sold out!

    Immu Xtract

    Longan syrup with Lingzhi Extract

  • Sold out!

    Immu SyncNature

    Mushroom Essence with Lingzhi Spore

  • Sold out!

    Nakarin Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder

    Cracked Lingzhi spore powder

  • Brands We Trust

    We meticulously pick

    for Thailand’s premium products from a wide selection of quality goods worthy of international awards, backed by reviewed research, and are proven effective by actual consumers.

    We encourage a complete ecosystem of organic agriculture

    to comply with the standards of EarthSafe Thailand which promotes sustainable agricultural practice and is environmental friendly. A team of professionals inspect and monitor all production steps until the final product, unmatched by any, is produced for us to present this product of Thailand to the world, with pride.

    Our Standards


    We meticulously pick the best among high quality Thai products from reliable production sources. To present and serve to our consumers with pride, all production standards are carefully inspected, because “your trust is our top priority”.

    Our Standards


    Our products are not only innovative, but they must be supported by reliable research and/or proven effective by real users for the highest health benefits and safety of our consumers in which we preciously value.

    Our Standards


    Thai Thonburi supports the harmony of all things. We believe that apart from caring for our dear customers, we must concern the benefits of society and the effects on Mother Nature. Thus, we select only products that meet the organic standard of EarthSafe Thailand that put into effect King Rama 9’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy.

    Our Standards


    From various products of various brands, we filter, select, and improve until we get the cream of the crop. It is our duty to proudly present and serve to our customers the best of the best goods.

    Our Standards


    All products under Thai Thonburi’s are ideas which are researched and developed into innovations by maximizing the value and benefits of existing raw materials with goals to save the environment, help those in need, and improve the wellbeing of society in general.

    Our Standards


    Our products carry the qualities and a Thai identity while standing out elegantly anywhere it is placed. Being captivating and intriguing, our products portray the creativity and novelty of Thai products without compromising its true value to consumers.

    Our Standards


    We believe living purposefully is the reason to be alive, therefore we always take into consideration the benefits towards people, society, and the environment that our actions may give. We are determined to select only the best quality, safe, and reliable products, free of harmful chemicals and pollution for the better quality of life and health of our society, and that is our pride and joy.

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